A year ago...

“A year ago, everything was different. And now that I look back, I realize that a year can do a lot to a person.” – Unknown

I came across this quote the other day and it stopped me in my tracks; flashbacks riddled my brain, took my breath away, and brought tidal waves of emotions. 

It was this time, last year, that a team of people (family, friends, friends of friends) helped move us into our new “big kid” house with lightening speed. It was a mad dash to move Matt into our home, due to his declining health. I needed everything to be perfect for him; I was presenting to him the coming to life of a dream twelve years in the making. 

On a Sunday, I held my husband’s hand as he slowly, and unsteadily, walked through the doors of our new home. The weakness of his being forced him to stop at the couch. Over the next couple of hours, he slowly drifted through the entire house, taking it all in.  For the first time in weeks, the pain in his eyes lessened and he beamed with joy.  He was home. 

On a Monday, we shuffled down the hallway to our room. After months of Matt requesting not to be physically touched, due to the overwhelming pain, he gently held me and smiled. You could hear the sounds and laughter of loved ones permeating the walls of our bedroom, as our two extended families collectively spent time in our new space. He shared with me that his heart had never been so full. You see, we had never lived in a place where both our families could all come together and enjoy family gatherings. Holidays required us to pick which state we would visit, resulting in only seeing one side of the family. It was a choice neither of us enjoyed. However, today, in this moment, we didn’t have to choose. We were all together, as Matt had always intended.  “In this moment, I feel no pain,” he declared, “only joy.” 

On a Tuesday morning, while in our home, we said goodbye to Matt, a passionate, warm, bright and loving soul that graced our presence for a time much too short.  

“A year can do a lot to a person … ” is unparalleled in expressing the magnitude that grief can have on one’s heart. And yet the lessons learned through the pain collectively ring truth in so many waking moments as Matt’s legacy to Live Moore journeys on.  

Matt desperately wanted to LIVE and continue being a part of our family. He wanted to enjoy the house that he worked so hard for and provided to our family. He wanted to celebrate holidays, birthdays, BBQs, and sporting events in our home alongside family and friends. He wanted to coach his son’s future soccer games. He wanted us to grow old together. He wanted to continue helping his clients and their families through his financial firm. He wanted to help others in any way he could. He wanted to travel and go on adventures with his buddies. He wanted to own his dream car. If given a choice, he would have chosen to LIVE, as he had every day of his 33 years on this earth, until he was wrinkled and grey!

The lessons of this lifetime are simply that of being. Matt has taught me, and so many others, that the length of our time here is unknown and to truly LIVE is a choice.  Our hope, and our prayer, is that through telling our story, we inspire you to LIVE in your present, take risks, be kind to others, and love the life you LIVE. 

Today, on this one year anniversary, as we celebrate a beautiful life LIVED, we hope that you too LIVE for your moment! 




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  • You, my dear, have such an eloquent way of expressing every thought and feeling during this time in your life. It brought tears to my eyes and a smile upon my face. I cannot wait to meet you!

    Lauren Miller

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