Inspiring a generation to #LiveMoore

Our story

Inspire. Love. Live.

This story has never been easy for us to share. See when you’re 32 years old, happily married to the most amazing partner, and expecting your first child, you don’t expect to be told you have cancer. A late stage cancer. And when you do, it’s the scariest, most shocking news you could ever face. But then you face it, you fight it together, and all of a sudden, you see the world differently. Relationships come to the forefront of life. No longer does work or money or material things matter. It’s the people. It’s the moments. The past is over, the future isn’t promised, and the present is now your greatest gift. You live for each day, each hour. You live to fight. You live to tell your story. You live to inspire! This brings us to the heart and soul of Live Moore. We don’t know where this journey will take us, but we know it has led us here. To you. To this moment. Our hope and our prayer is that by telling our story, we can inspire you to live in your present, to take risks, and to love the life you live. Live for your moment. #LiveMoore    - Matt & Nikki Moore



We are taking paying it forward to a whole new level.  Change someone's life by donating your time, money, or a helping hand to someone in need.  Post it on Facebook or Instagram using our hashtag and we will pick a monthly winner.  Live the brand and earn free stuff!

Want another reason to love Live Moore? We commit 10% of our profit to charity!


Where is your clothing made?

The majority of our clothes are sourced from US manufacturers.  We then design, print and assemble the final product in California and Oregon.  Most of our clothes have a tailored or athletic fit to provide just the right level of style and comfort.

What organizations do we support with our charitable giving?

We've commited to giving 10% of our profit to charitable organizations ranging from cancer research, to helping the homeless.  Wherever there is a need, Live Moore would like to help.

How long will it take to receive my order?

Please allow anywhere from 2-12 days for your order to be received, processed and shipped to you. Please keep this in mind if you are shopping for a gift, special occasion, or an event.  



We will accept returns and exchanges for items purchased online based on the following requirements. We will not accept a return or exchange if requested more than 15 days after the purchase. If tags are attached and clothing has not been worn we will provide a full refund within the 15 day policy.  For clothing that is worn or tags have been removed then we would provide an online credit in the amount of your item or the sale price whichever is less. Please decide if you are completely satisfied with your item before you remove such a tag.


The refund will be equal to the amount of the price paid and in the original form of tender. 


We will conduct a courtesy search of our database to see if we can locate your original purchase utilizing the credit card information associated with the original transaction or your telephone number. If we locate your original purchase and it occurred within the prior 15 days, the refund will be equal to the amount of the price paid and in the original form of tender. If the information cannot be located we will not be able to process a return.

If we conduct a courtesy search and cannot locate your original purchase, you may exchange a single piece of merchandise for merchandise equal to or greater in value. The single piece of merchandise you are exchanging will be valued at the current selling price to determine the exchange value. If the exchange is for greater value, you will need to pay the difference. We will not issue a merchandise credit and we will not exchange merchandise for items of lesser value.


We will process a one-time price adjustment for in store purchases, when the price of an item has been reduced and an original sales receipt is presented.  Price adjustments are refunded in the same tender as the original purchase. 


The return price is the amount paid for merchandise after all discounts are applied. A portion of any coupon or promotional discount applied to the original transaction will be subtracted from all returned or exchanged items noted on the original receipt.


Check your receipt and notify store management immediately of any overcharge. You are entitled to pay no more than the lowest posted, advertised, or quoted price for any commodity offered for sale at a retail establishment.


It is our goal that you are satisfied with the sizing of your order.  If tags are attached and clothing has not been worn we will provide a full refund within the 15 day policy in order for you to reorder the correct size.