#livemoorechallenge goes viral!!!

“Finding these unique opportunities to pay it forward because that's what Matt would have done. Matt would have saw him and frankly Matt would have probably done it quicker than I have,” Adam Gulledge said.

Backstory:  Adam and Matt both started off their careers at a financial firm in downtown Portland, OR.  They met and became friends.  In the time following Matt's diagnosis with colon cancer- Adam and his fiancé, Michelle, routinely brought meals to our family during chemo therapy treatments, engaged in supporting friend and family activities, and Adam participated in every Live Moore event as the documenting photographer.  I can honestly say these friends showed up for us during the hardest time in our life!

What I did not know is how moved Adam was by Matt's journey and message through the Live Moore Challenge to give back to others.  Thank you Adam for your kindness and generosity!!!

KGW shares the story!  

Portland man buys new walker for stranger in act of kindness

Pat Dooris , KGW

PORTLAND, Ore. -- Cellphone video posted on Facebook shows a Portland financial advisor named Adam Gulledge talking with a man he's never met before.

Gulledge is giving the man a new walker with four wheels to replace the man’s old one which he pushed each day past Gulledge’s window.

“In fact you would hear him walking first because you would hear his old walker actually scraping across the bricks here and the metal…you'd hear it scraping step by step. And you'd hear him. Then you'd see him walk past the windows,” said Gulledge.

He works near Southwest 2nd Avenue in downtown Portland with a window that looks out on a world very different than the one he lives in.

The sound outside was difficult to ignore.

“Almost like nails on a chalkboard in a sense. It is not the most pleasant sound. It is metal scraping across concrete pavement,” he said.

But like most of us he did ignore it, until one day he didn’t.

“I was coming back from lunch one time and I realized if I can afford to go out to lunch pretty much regularly, I can pretty much easily help out somebody else on his daily routine,” he said.

He began to study the man.

“And watching him slowly walk by every day, if we could improve him, improve his situation where he could walk much faster. I mean he was literally moving the walker, taking a step. Moving the walker,” said Gulledge.

He went online and bought the stranger a new walker. And while it seemed like a random act of kindness. It was not really so random.

“I try to find ways in which I can truly help,” he said.

Gulledge is motivated by the recent death of a very good friend, Matt Moore, to cancer.

The two men worked in the same office downtown. Moore was just 32 years old when he was diagnosed with stage 4 colon cancer. His wife Nikki was seven months pregnant.

The emotions with Gulledge are still raw.

“To see something happen so tragic to somebody so nice was really tough. And I never thought, I never...excuse me,” he said choking up.

He can’t believe his friend is gone.

“I never thought actually, he would die. I knew the odds were really low, but Matt was one of those guys. He would always land on his feet, whatever the odds were against him. I was like "he'll get through it." Not a problem.”

But he did not get through it.

In the awful months before his death, Nikki said she and her husband created something beautiful, a movement to encourage people to love each other more. They created a slogan: Live Moore.

Nikki said it was her husband’s passion during his illness.

“To share this message to slow down, to be in the present, to be connected with one another and to do good things to each other. You never know what anyone else is going through,” she said.

Nikki now lives in Arizona but had heard about Adam’s gift to the stranger in memory of her husband.

“I don’t think he'd be surprised by Adam’s actions but I think he'd be grateful and thankful that Adam took it to that next step,” she said.

Gulledge didn’t really want to talk about his gift to the stranger but is talking about it because he hopes it inspires each of us in the name of his friend.

“Finding these unique opportunities to pay it forward because that's what Matt would have done. Matt would have saw him and frankly Matt would have probably done it quicker than I have,” he said.

At times, we can feel so different from each other. But the gift to a stranger is an important reminder that we're all struggling with something and we can all make a difference for someone else.

"I’d never interacted with him before so I didn’t know what it would be like. But he was very appreciative – smiled. I said 'by the way, my name’s Adam' and his name was Clint. And when I saw him just yesterday, walking by again, he was all smiles with me,” Gulledge said.

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