Adventures of Self-Care

Today I was gently reminded that perhaps it would be a good idea to engage in some self-care. I took a deep breath and checked in with myself. What are my "self-care" go tos to regulate emotions and stay sane in a world of unknowns?!

1. work out
2. meditation/prayer
3. write
4. read
5. art
6. adventure

Oh ya! And have I been doing any of these self-care activities?! Nope! Not a single one in weeks. Doh! No wonder things have felt so off!!!

I knew I needed to fix this stat! I checked my calendar and found penciled in was time in the glass studio with my dad and brother this afternoon. Devine intervention!

I spent 30 minutes being my dad's assistant, who was the assistant to my brother... who was making holiday ornaments. My heart was instantly filled with joy and peace as I documented the steps of glassblowing through my camera lens- my art. Suddenly, I was interrupted by my alarm to pick up my kiddo from school. I knew he needed to be apart of this experience with me today.

An hour later, Cullen snd I sat watching glass ornaments be handblown. My heart filled with joy as I flashed back to being in my dad's glass studio watching my mom and dad blow glass when I was his age. My first memories were watching the creation of art by my parents. I realized in that moment why the heat of the glass 🔥, the smell 👃 of burning wet paper and the sites 👀 of beautiful glass art being made brought me pure joy. My hope was that Cullen would experience similar memories in these beautiful moments.

To my surprise - Cullen decided he was going to take over my job as the ornament holder while my dad created the glass loop on top. Here on a chair I stood ... documenting three generations of my family creating art together. My heart needed this self-care today. 🥰 We needed these memories together! 🎁

To Live Moore is to engage in self-care! Your self-care might even turn into beautiful memories 🥰

Live Moore! - Nikki Moore

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