Me Too

Taking care of yourself doesn't mean "me first" it means "me too"- L. R. Knosts

So many of us are givers. We give our heart, our energy & our time to those we love most! Sometimes all this giving starts to be too much and what once brought us joy is now overwhelming .

The emotional signs of burn out include:
- Feelings of defeat or failure
- A negative cloud takes over your life perspective
- Loss of motivation
- Feeling alone
- Overall decrease in life satisfaction

On a scale from 1-10, 10 being BURNT OUT, where are you right now?!

I used to sit on my therapist's red couch and cry. I'd say... look- I'm doing all those "self-care" assignments and it's like adding rain drops to a dried out well. πŸ’¦ How is this ever going to get better?! Me, a trained mental health therapist, had lost the buy in for a simple self-care routine?!?! My emotional burn out was far beyond something a simple bike ride could fix.

However, I realized I was missing the point. DUH! Sensational "self-care" has become one more task to put on your "to do list" and feel like it's your fault when you don't feel replenished by it.

But TRUE self-care is reprioritizing the YOU in your life. Meaning... prioritizing your basic necessities like eating, sleeping, movement and carving out time for FUN and JOY in your life. Β It means says "no" , reevaluating your expectations, letting others opinions of you go, asking a partner or coworker for help & even canceling a last minute engagement for the maintenance of your sanity.

But truth be told this take courage, vulnerability and consistent check ins on YOU. It's a work in progress every day (with some slip ups)! Enlisting a person you trust to help with check ins has been key for me. This morning my best friend informed me I was doing that thing again - that thing where I put myself last. πŸ™ˆπŸ™Š Dang it! She was right!!! Time to reprioritize!

To add in the ME TOO into your life is to Live Moore!!!

-Nikki Moore

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