Need Holiday "Giving" Inspiration? Check out this feel good story.

A good friend of mine shared this story with me tonight and I had to pass it along.  I love this time of year because of all the good that can come from it.  If you remove all the corporate advertising and really get to the route of the holidays you'll discover that it is what you make it.  If your focus is on gifts and material things then that is more than likely what your holiday will be centered around.  But if you remove this focus and place it on giving and the experience of being around those you love you can make lasting memories.

Now to my story.  My friend Anthony is a great guy.  Known him since my college days playing club soccer.  He's always been a go getter and in this instance he lived up to it and then some. 

See he was in line at the grocery store purchasing something that may age us a bit, ya a vacuum, I'm embarrassed to be typing it, but hey you get older and buy practical things.  Who knew? 

In the process of checking out he was having difficulty with his card so the woman in front of him, who had been watching, laid down a stack of cash and simply told the clerk it was for Anthony and then left.  Anthony being the good hearted person he is knew that he really didn't need the financial help but knew of many people that did down at the Denver Rescue Mission.  With this money, he shot messages to all his friends and family asking for donations.  He ended up raising over $800. 

What an incredible feat!  Started from one act of kindness.  Just think if every person did one random act of kindness, what could be accomplished.  Put yourself aside and ask if there is someone you could be helping this holiday season.  Then post it and spread the word with our #LiveMooreChallenge hashtag.  We will be watching and anxiously awaiting to crown new monthly winners!  So go out there and impact someone today!

- Matt Moore 

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