Our Crazy West Coast Road Trip Begins - Leg 1: Portland to Santa Cruz

We've always talked about traveling the countryside and being out on the open road and now it's finally happening.  Because?...#LIVEMOORE.  Despite the better judgement of our friends and family who said traveling with a new born and a dog, over 24 hours, to our final destination in Tucson, AZ was just crazy.  Well, I guess they were right.

We ended up departing Portland around noon after getting a late start (seems to always be the case with an infant in tow). 

This first leg was kind of a bore as we were solely looking to outrun the clouds and find warmer weather.  Over the 13 hours it took us to get to Santa Cruz.....it did not stop raining.  We joked that we felt we had followed the same cloud all the way down the coast.  No stops were made at any scenic places as there weren't really any unless you count the new In and Out in Medford, OR.  Some would say its a historic landmark.  ;P

After 3 stops, 13 hours and almost 700 miles, we checked into the Hyatt Regency around 1 am in Monterey, CA.  I chose this spot because of the proximity to the Santa Cruz Boardwalk, Monterey Aquarium and Pebble Beach.  All things we wanted to see.  Stay tuned... more pics...videos and blogs regarding our adventures to come.  

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