Outcome...It's time to #LIVEMOORE

Well our journey has thrown us for another loop.  One that may be scary to some and perfectly normal to others.  But nonetheless, it is an opportunity for us to really live our mission.  

As most of you know, I'm in a battle for life.  I have stage 4 colon cancer.  I've been in treatment for the better part of a year and most recently decided to stop.  Now I know what you are all thinking...why would you stop?  Quality of life.

My treatment has started taking a toll on me and that toll seemed to be less and less worth the good it was doing.  Long story short, the chemo is "working" but without any curative intent.  What dos that mean?  Well it will keep me alive longer but won't cure my illness.  It's what the medical community refers to as palliative.

That being said, we weren't happy with just waiting around for the inevitable to happen.  We want curative intent.  So we decided to do our research and find alternative options that would give us just as good a chance if not better than the treatment I am currently on.  

This is our opportunity to live a higher quality of life, with whatever time we have left, with the intent of curing this disease.  It has been done and I will cling to that hope as long as I am alive.  

I can't thank you all enough for your support and prayers over the last year.  Big things coming for #LiveMoore after a little hiatus to get our operations in order.   


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