Seven Years Ago

Seven years ago we spoke the words- I thee wed...until death due us part. In that moment, we could have never imagined that we would be parted by death just 3 years and 26 days later.

On days like today, the years in your absence feel like a blur and tears flow without consent. I have spent more March 30ths grieving our loss than I have celebrating our marriage with you. Four years to be exact. The sting of it all is still very present, especially at 3 am when I am jolted awake remembering the date.

However, as I look at this picture a new calmness sets in. One that is replaces the shear panic I used to experience regularly after you left this earth. The peace comforts the sadness and reminds me of truth I have wrestled with for years.

I somehow am given a new understanding that there will once again be a moment in time that I will see you in the light again. You will turn around and greet me once more. There will be no more sorrow, grief or uneasiness. We will not experience these worldly fears, be confined to social abnormalities that we have lived in for decades nor will there be uncertainty anymore.

There will be peace, an all knowing and unity as we one by one come back to the spirit side to greet you. We will have a new understanding that is unfathomable in human bodies. Together, our earthly life along with the life that has been made on the ashes of your death, will all somehow make sense on a higher level beyond any comprehension possible now. We will all come there in unison and celebrate the human life we have all shared together or vicariously through each other. It will be heaven.

In this truth, I find comfort once again. Life has changed, however, I am and will always be thankful for our time together here, earth side. Happy anni angel face!

Remember... life can change in an instant! Don't forget to remind those you love how much you LOVE them- today and always ❤️

Live Moore! ~Nikki Moore 

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