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A week before Matt passed away he said to me- "Please don't let Live Moore die".  Ironic, right?!  I promised him that I would never let that happen.  But to be honest, I never expected to lose my husband so quickly after having this convo.  I know that sounds weird when you're staring stage 4 colon cancer in the face.  Yet you hope for just one more day, week, month, or even a year. In the end I am so thankful for the 16 months I was given with Matt following his diagnosis.  And even more grateful that Matt was able to meet our son, Cullen, and spend the first year of Cullen's life with him.  

Now lifting my head from the fog that is grief- I am in the process of honoring my promise to Matt.  I am working hard at learning a new business, design, production, social media, customer service and all that other good stuff that goes into Live Moore.  I am beyond thankful for the people and businesses that have stepped up and supported me along the away.

I am happy to announce that we are in the process of restocking, printing, and putting Live Moore back together.  Please stay tuned.  And in the meantime....#LiveMoore.  

Take care!  

Nikki Moore 

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  • I wanted to thank your organisation’s work. I was diagnosed with cancer at the beginning of the summer. Someone suggested that I looked into Live Moore Co and it gave me the added positivit that I need to push forward. I want you to know that by watching the YouTube video, it gave me the strength to trudge forward. I have been told that there is no cancer left and as soon as I am back to work again, I plan on making a contribution and most likely say that I will also most likely be purchasing a Live Moore Co snap back hat. Thank you for your organisation’s message speaks.

    Patrick ‘Paddy’ Connolly

    Patrick Connolly

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