The Importance of Gratitude

Following a conversation with a friend, I took a step back and reminded myself of the importance of gratitude this morning.

In my day to day life this little boy can drive me nuts, he can be unruly and push my last button- like when he asks me "what's your name" for the 2637839293 time that day! As the only parent, I can find myself locking the bathroom door to escape for 2 whole minutes and begging the universe to send me patience and/or a fairy godmother who can provide me with a much needed break!

However, at the end of each night as we lay together on Cullen's bed, saying our prayers, I find myself thanking God for sending me this beautiful gift of life. You see, no matter how many temper tantrums, times I want to pull my hair out or tears that actually fall out of pure frustration - at the end of the day I am beyond thankful for this sweet boy who changed my life and made me a mama.

It's normal to have rough days, to complain and even to feel at your wits end - especially during the time we are living in. However, perspective is oh so important to have as well. I am reminded that being a 4 year old isn't always easy either, that snacks and naps are often needed and though the days sometimes feel so long- somehow the years are flying by!!! It is true reminder that each day together is a gift!

If you're feeling overwhelmed, out of control or just down on life right now take a step back and remember what you are MOST THANKFUL for!

To practice gratitude is to Live Moore! 
- Nikki Moore

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