By now you've probably watched "our story" video.  If not, you can follow this link to check it out.  We think it's pretty powerful, but we are also slightly bias. ;)

Most people wonder:

Why in the world would you start an apparel company out of thin air while in the midst of raising a new born, managing our two businesses, and fighting the fight of your life?

My response....Because #LiveMoore.

We've never been one to hold back.  If my wife and I wanted something we were stubborn enough to go out and get it, despite people's objections or better judgement.  It's just who we are, right down to the very core.  This started as a creative passion project and has evolved into a legacy.  We would spend our spare evenings when our minds were racing about cancer, to unwind creatively.  It's been almost therapeutic if you can believe that.

We started by messing around with design tools on various shirt websites.  The initial designs were a little rough but over the course of the past 5 months we've refined our process and put together a product we are proud of.  

Once we had our logo we could move forward with our designs.  But wait, what about the shirts?  Well we knew that we wanted to be known for quality, comfort and a tailored fit.  We sourced a wholesale partner in California as well as Oregon and couldn't be more pleased.

 So what's next?  We are launching with a set of preliminary designs for both men and women.  We plan on adding to our offerings as the seasons prevail new and exciting styles and designs.

If you want to stay up on our latest, You should probably join our email list to get the latest and greatest before anyone else.  Just saying.

What's the point of all this?

We aren't looking to be known as a "cancer" brand but rather a "life" brand.  Since my diagnosis, I've never felt a greater urge to impact people in a positive way.  Whether that be through a story, a helping hand, or even financial support, this is our chance to give back to all those that have helped us along the way as well as those that are in need.

I urge you to share our story, share our brand, and inspire someone to #LiveMoore.


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