What would you do if failing didn’t matter and living was the objective?!

Do you ever come across a picture of yourself and feel proud?! Like ... hey, I did that! 

Four years ago, before cancer entered our world, I would look at my hairstylist's surfIng ‍pictures and be in awe of her!  I found myself thinking she is a complete badass and then instantly think there was no way I could learn how to surf.

Why?! Because I was terrified of failing and not being GREAT at something from the start. 

Full disclosure - it took me 3 years to learn to snowboard because I was too prideful to have a lesson. Guess what happened when I went down the mountain with a snowboard instructor... I learned how to snowboard. Ha! 

Cancer taught us that life can change in a minute!  Therefore, Matt and I really began to reevaluate our bucket lists.  What did we want to experience in this life?! 

One of those things was surfing for me! Last year, I took my first lesson in California and this year I took a second lesson in Costa Rica.  I’m not even close to expert level BUT I had so much fun!  In the end, my success rate didn’t mean anything because what truly mattered was that I tried something new!!!! The courage it took to be vulnerable enough to try something I have always wanted to do led to a life experience and countless memories!  And that is what makes a life worth living!!!  

What would you do if failing didn’t matter and living was the objective?! Live Moore! 

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